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As a quality policy, Inti offers Tier 1 products where the challenge in this global sector is to be continuously current in an extremely dynamic market where constant advances in technology demand our energy and effort


Whether they are houses, parking lots, businesses, we are concerned with the design and efficiency of our systems, adapting the system to the environment and not modifying the environment for the system. Design is key for Inti and our experienced team, with 200MW + installed,  guarantees the work


In arid, mountainous, coastlines, and areas where the climate can be a real threat like category 5 hurricanes, our experienced team of electromechanical engineers and installers will execute the work, guaranteeing the system and the environment in an efficient and safe way

About the company

Inti‘s mission is the democratization of Energy

Inti‘s vision in accomplishing this is by offering various solutions such as financed-turnkey projects for the generation of electric power based on solar photovoltaic sources for both residential and corporate markets


Inti offers On-Grid solutions for the residential and corporate markets that, based on the local circumstances, will result in a reduction of the client’s power bill from 30% to 100% 

Inti also offers Hybrid systems for the residential market which will allow the customer to have greater control over it’s power consumption 

On-grid systems

On-grid systems are solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems that are connected to the national power grid

In addition to contributing to the environment by reducing carbon emissions and saving money on energy generation, this system will allow the client to inject the surplus energy into the grid, obtaining an extra financial benefit


hybrid systems

Hybrid systems solar systems are basically On-grid with battery storage  

This implies that the client can regulate energy consumption through his/her cell phone, consuming the energy stored in the batteries at the most appropriate time or injecting it into the network when the price is more convenient


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